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The best protection for your eyes this summer

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The sun’s out, summer’s here and we can’t wait to spend time outside or on the beach. But did you know that your eyes need just as much summer protection than your skin?

Excessive exposure to the sun can contribute to long-term damage to your eyes, including sunburned eyes, pterygium, pinguecula, cataracts, ocular melanoma and age-related macular degeneration. Seawater or chlorine in swimming pools could also cause eye irritation and be harmful to your eyes.

We share 5 top eye care tips to protect your eyes this summer:

1. Shield your eyes with the right sunglasses

Your eyes’ best defence against the sun is to wear sunglasses all the time – even when it’s cloudy, because the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can pass through haze and thin clouds. For the best sun protection for your eyes from UV rays, invest in quality sunglasses that offer 100% UVA or UVB protection.

When you invest in good quality sunglasses, also opt for:

· A blue and violet light filter to block out harmful blue light.

· Polarised lenses and back surface AR coating to reduce glare.

· Selective colour filtering for light-sensitive eyes.

· Sunglasses that wrap around your eye area, so that no light can be leaked through the top or sides.

· Distortion-free optics that will minimise the amount of distortion a lens can have when trying to fit a specific sunglass frame.

2. Wear a broad-rimmed hat

Add a big hat to your summer wardrobe as an extra layer of UV protection for your eyes, eyelids and the skin around them. Plus, less squinting means less wrinkles!

3. Keep your eyes moist

This summer, when you’re spending time outside, heat and dry winds can irritate and dry out your eyes. A condition called “dry eye syndrome” is more common among the elderly, women experiencing hormonal changes, side effects of certain medication, a vitamin A deficiency and those who wear contact lenses. If your eyes are feeling dry and irritated, use artificial tears or lubricant eye drops to keep your eyes moist and refreshed. Also be sure to drink enough water (a minimum of 2 litres) every day to keep your whole body (including your eyes!) hydrated.

4. Pack your goggles

Opening your eyes under water is not really a threat to your eyes, but it is best advised that you wear goggles when you plan on swimming for a longer period of time. Goggles will protect your eyes and prevent the chemicals, salt and other materials in the water from irritating your eyes’ cornea and conjunctiva.

If you wear contact lenses, rather take them out before swimming, or wear protective goggles. Rivers, lakes, the sea and even swimming pools can be contaminated with bacteria and micro-organisms that can get underneath the contact lenses and cause an infection.

5. Help kids and older family members

Just as you would remember to put sunscreen on your kids, be sure to teach them about proper eye care and eye protection from the sun and water during summer. The same applies to all family members, including grandma and grandpa.

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