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Clear Sight Efficient Vision Eye Health


As behavioral optometrists we adopt a more holistic approach to vision care. In addition to a traditional eye exam we also perform other tests to measure and ensure our patient’s visual system has the developmental maturity,strength and stamina to adequately function during their daily visual tasks.


Eye Teaming Assessment. Ocular Muscle Integrity.

Visual Focus Flexibility.


Our comprehensive eye examination is specialized for each age group.We understand our patient’s have unique visual needs according to their lifestyles and work environment. We take into consideration your visual clarity, comfort and function when deciding on a treatment plan, whether it’s glasses, contact lenses or vision therapy.

Vision and Learning

We are passionate about children’s visual development. Having 20/20 vision is only one of many visual skills the visual system needs to function efficiently during school tasks. At Tomlinson Optometrists we specialize in identifying any vulnerable areas within the visual system that could interfere with a child’s reading and learning behavior.

Vision Therapy

Some visual conditions cannot be treated adequately by glasses,contact lenses and/or eye surgery alone, and are best resolved through a program of Vision Therapy or VT. We offer a very successful visual therapy program from the convenience of both of our practice premises


Please see “FAQ” for more information on vision therapy.

Light Therapy

​​Light therapy, syntonics or optometric phototherapy has been used for centuries to treat various ailments by restoring balance to the nervous system. This branch of ocular science involves the application of selected light frequencies through the eyes. Tomlinson Optometrists is now equipped to perform integrated light field therapy. If you believe you may need light therapy, contact us at the details below. 


Non-contact Tonometry

Non-contact Tonometry is used to measure Intra-Ocular Pressures of the eyes. It is particularly useful in detecting diseases such as Glaucoma.


At Tomlinson Optometrist we invest in state-of-the-art technology to assess our patient’s eye health. These imaging techniques enable us to provide more thorough detection and management of a variety of eye conditions.


Visual field measurements. Non-Contact Tonometry. Fundus Photography. Corneal Topography

Fundus Photography

A detailed photographic record of the retina to monitor internal eye health changes.

School Vision Screenings

Pre-school, Primary & High School.

Assessments are conducted at school and includes:

 Distance and near visual acuity
 Colour vision
 Stereo Acuity / depth perception
 Ocular alignment
 Convergence control
 Gross oculomotor function and tracking skills
 Retinoscopy
 External and Internal ocular health

Screening results are given to the parent/s or guardian.
Parents are welcome to contact the practice to discuss the results.

In a Meeting

Corporate Vision Screenings

Distance and near visual acuity

  • Colour vision

  • Stereo Acuity / Depth perception

  • Ocular alignment

  • Convergence control

  • Eye movement and tracking skills

  • Retinoscopy / Estimate of refractive status

  • Confrontational Visual Field Assessment


Extra services:

  • Driver’s licence Certificate

  • Non – Contact Tonometry

  • Ergonomic assessment

Retirement Estate Screening Services

Short case history - eye health, vision and eye care concerns

  • Distance and near visual acuity

  • Confrontational visual field assessment

  • Amsler grid screening for age-related macular degeneration

  • Non-contact tonometry for glaucoma

  • Cataract screening 

  • Eye hygiene tips

  • Spectacle cleaning and re-alignment

  • The use of a cell phone as a low-vision aid


Extra service:

  • Fundus photography is done in practice

  • Driver’s licence certificate

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