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5 Tips to help your child wear their glasses with confidence

Wearing glasses for the first time is a big adjustment for anyone – even more so for active children. If you’re a parent and you’re wondering how to help your child wear their glasses with confidence (or even wear them at all!), keep reading. Thanks to these helpful tips, your child is sure to view their first pair of glasses as a fun and life-changing new journey.


1. Get your child on board to wear glasses


Start by explaining to your child why they need glasses – and convincing them that it’s a good idea. If your child loves reading, but gets headaches, explain to them that the glasses will let the headaches go away, so that they can enjoy reading their favourite books more.


If your child loves playing sports, but struggles to see the ball from afar, tell them that glasses will help them see clearer, improving their game.


If they’re worried about how they might look with glasses, reassure them by pointing out important people in their life (like their babysitter, cool aunt or friends at school) who wear glasses.


2.  Let them pick their own glasses


Once your optometrist confirms that your child will need glasses, create a hype about them now having the honour of exploring all the different shapes, colours and styles of glasses to choose their perfect pair. Help them find the right fit, but let them take the lead in choosing the colour and shape they like best.


3. Choose durable and practical lenses and frames


Kids can be tough on their glasses, so choose frames and lenses that are made from durable plastic or polycarbonate. Be sure to add a protective coating to your lenses, and opt for flexible hinges, plastic straps and cable earpieces that will let your child’s glasses stay put and last longer.


4. Be patient and give lots of praise


Be patient as your child overcomes the initial discomfort of wearing their glasses for the first time. Compliment, encourage and praise them for wearing their glasses, reminding them that their glasses are there to help them see all kinds of exciting things clearer that they may have missed previously.


If your child experiences headaches or dizziness when they first start wearing their new glasses, explain to them that it’s normal, and have them wear the glasses for only a few hours at a time, gradually increasing it until they are used to wearing their new glasses.


5. Teach your child to take proper care of their glasses


Children’s glasses will last longer with proper care. Teach them to always store their glasses in the case provided, when they’re not wearing them. This will protect the lenses and make sure that the frame doesn’t bend.


Use dish soap and warm water to clean glasses and dry it with the cloth provided by your optometrist, a microfibre cloth or soft T-shirt if all else fails.


In conclusion


Getting glasses can be an exciting new journey in your child’s life. Help your child wear their glasses with confidence by getting them on board with wearing glasses, letting them choose their own glasses, opting for durable, practical frames and lenses, being patient while you praise your child for wearing their glasses, and teaching them to care for their glasses.


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